Led Display Board

LED Digital Display Board is used to display photos, moving message, showing videos using LED that comes in various shapes and size, colors and fonts. Signage Nepal provides led display services at very reasonable cost for digital advertisement.

These displays are microprocessor-based Moving Message Display, made up of light emitting diode [LEDs] arranged in an array. The moving message or data can be fed & set with the help of keyboard on the corded remote. The system can also be customized to remote operate through USB,WIFI, ETHERNET, GPRS, GSM, etc.


    • Single color (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White)
    • Tricolor (Red, Green, Blue)
    • Full-color (RGB)
    • Waterproof
    • Can be used for outdoor and Indoor
    • Customized size
    • Multilanguage Support
    • Multiformat Support